Mastodons, Cops And Criminals


I met Psupt. Harris “Good Guy” Fama , last August 20, 2014 at CIDG ATCD BLG. Camp Crame. When I entered his office. The first thing I noticed was his wide glass paned window, facing his well polished wide wooden office table. The stillness of silence and organized stacks of paper works.


“Can I offer you juice or coffee?”. While were having a firm handshake. Brief introduction and discussion about the nature of my visit. Like Mama he was a Pangasinense from Bolinao. Where Mastodons, prehistoric elephants once dwell. When the Philippines was connected by land bridge to other asian countries during prehistoric times. I believe his story because I can see the mastodons very clearly in my minds eye. Walking in the fields. The Balangay boat in Butuan amazes this man. His Interest for large Filipianiana art as conversation piece. Was I talking to Sherlock Holmes, Sir Oscar Decembrana of The Philippine National Museum or Uri Geller? When a name of a criminal was mentioned. I saw the fugitive dead. Face on the floor. Eyes open, Bathing in his own blood in my inner eye.


Like my CIDG-CIS tropa in Silang, Cavite. He is a great mentor to volunteer cybercops and showed me the ropes . On how to file a formal complaint. What if I try my luck next year at New Jersey State Police Academy? Can I qualify for 24 weeks of training? Aside from my plan of attending Chinese Art lecture in Christies New York or Hongkong in April. Out of gratitude I showed him my anting-anting, Lilium “YinYin” Semele. As he escorted me to the door. I mentioned the name of the fugitive he mentioned earlier.  I had the vision again the man was dead face on the floor. Eyes open. Bathing in his own blood. Wish granted! LOLZ



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