In Response to Daily Post’s “Do you Believe in Magic?”

Source: In Response to Daily Post’s “Do you Believe in Magic?”


In Response to Daily Post’s “Do you Believe in Magic?”

Blessed be and merry meet!

Yes  I do believe in MAGIC because if you love true. GOD will kiss you too.

Full moon glowing.
Wind howling.
Knock, knock..
Four corners unlock.
I realized...

It's the GODS who made me.
Not the Gods I made.
Thank you
Mommy and Daddy!

Paranormal photo of a Ghost . Taken via analog celphone.
545769_409986582363086_378298314_n (2)
Paranormal photo of a Genie residing at my Egyptian Magic Papyrus 1121 (B.C). Taken via analog celphone.
Paranormal photo of faeries in a tight embrace . Taken via analog celphone.
Paranormal photo result of my Candle Magic Love Ritual. Taken via analog celphone.  SEE CANDLE MAGIC VIDEO.

I In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

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Armenia, My Mom and Lilum (neice).